Predictive-analytics solutions for oil & gas

Jan. 8, 2018
Helps refineries produce on-spec products consistently.

Koch-Glitsch and EFT Analytics announced a partnership to provide full-service process engineering and advanced data-analytics solutions to enhance operations for refineries and petrochemical plants.

This partnership offers comprehensive visibility of live plant operations, leveraging applied machine learning and deep-process knowledge, going beyond traditional engineering studies and current analytics offerings by exposing how variables interact and how they can be used to understand critical operating parameters in order to optimize plant procedures and reduce downtime, according to the partners.

“At the core of Koch’s principles, we are focused on operational and environmental excellence and eliminating waste to create superior value to our customers and society,” said Massimo Bizzi, Koch-Glitsch president and COO. “One form of waste in chemical plant and refinery operations is downtime, which is among the biggest challenge our customers face. Combining the approach of traditional process engineering expertise with state-of-the-art advanced data analytic solutions—which are possible with our partnership—we can help our customers improve their operational, environmental and ultimately financial results.”

The advanced analytics solutions combine statistical models and real-time data, giving operators greater understanding of plant operations. When combined with Koch-Glitsch’s process knowledge, these solutions can provide pre-event warnings and pinpoint the root cause of operating issues—improving plant profitability by identifying tower bottlenecks, optimizing heat exchanger performance, increasing reactor yield, eliminating flaring events and reducing outages, according to the enterprises. Additionally, it helps refineries and petrochemical plants produce an on-spec product more consistently, increasing economic return.