DAIHEN selects FogHorn’s software to automate transformers

April 24, 2018
Aims to improve materials-quality monitoring and collaboration.

FogHorn Systems announced that DAIHEN Corporation has deployed FogHorn edge computing software in collaboration with Energia Communications, Inc. to automate manufacturing of their industrial transformers. FogHorn’s solution delivers real-time analytics and machine learning at the edge that helped DAIHEN identify production errors immediately and improve collaboration and data accuracy, eliminating 5,000 hours of manual data entry per year.

Operations leaders at DAIHEN’s Osaka factory sought faster ways to analyze sensor data from dozens of devices measuring material condition, while reducing the need for manual monitoring. To do this, DAIHEN deployed radio frequency identification (RFID) infrastructure to track manufacturing and team efficiency and installed sensors to monitor the condition of the factory. Within six months of deployment, the RFID-based tracking system achieved 70 percent coverage for the DAIHEN Osaka factory, which is on track to increase to nearly 100 percent later this year, according to FogHorn.

“We knew that harnessing the power of our industrial data would enable us to improve efficiency in factory operations,” said Ichiro Yamano, executive officer with DAIHEN's innovation task force team. “FogHorn’s solution offered accurate, real-time data processing, allowing us to visually analyze data during the manufacturing process, improving production quality and automating a significant volume of manual processes.”

FogHorn’s Lightning Edge ML, which enables complex machine-learning models to run on highly constrained devices, automated the monitoring of DAIHEN’s electric transformers manufacturing process. Previously, monitoring and logging was a manual, time-consuming process. New sensors were installed to monitor the temperature, humidity and dust levels throughout the manufacturing process via RFID to produce real-time analytics that identified how each part of the electric transformers were assembled and stored and tracked how long each stage took to complete. FogHorn’s edge intelligence solution ingested data from these sensors, analyzing and delivering insight into changes that might indicate an impact in quality of components being produced.

“DAIHEN’s rapid adoption of edge computing is a testament of the company’s innovative vision, dedication to quality, and understanding of the competitive advantages this type of approach delivers,” said Yuta Endo, vice president, general manager of business development, and head of APAC operations at FogHorn. “The FogHorn solution is uniquely designed to transform today’s existing industrial edge environment into an intelligent fabric that delivers real-time insights and real-world business results. We are thrilled to welcome Daihen to our world-class roster of global industrial clients." 

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