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Examples of Transformation

Surf’s up! Wave-pool designers detail how they use digital twin and control systems tech to simulate the sea

San Diego-based Surf Loch joins SI webinar to tell attendees how Siemens software and hardware helps designers create and control their rad rides at water parks worldwide.
Augmented Reality

Using augmented and virtual reality to overcome real workforce challenges

Remote solutions for manufacturers should be considered the norm and not just an abstract tool discussed in theory.
Field Service

Tracking and understanding the right KPIs to improve your field-service organization

Are there any indications that field engineers do or do not have adequate training?
Control & Optimization

How 360° remote collaboration is transforming the manufacturing space

Manufacturing site visits have always entailed considerable financial investment.
Augmented Reality

How augmented reality is being used to transform the field-service workforce

"Let’s explore three ways AR technology is helping repair and maintenance field teams work smarter:"
Human Capital

Storm-assessment services make the difference in utility outage-restoration efforts

Technology-enabled storm assessment services provide a lifeline for utilities hard hit by the forces of Mother Nature.

Innovation, Recognition And Inspiration From The Ignition Community

Exemplary real-world projects spotlighted in the ICC Discover Gallery.
Business Strategist

No travel? No problem?

Your service technician will “be there” shortly.
Edge Devices

No battery, no problem

"Replacing batteries can become a constant game of Whac-A-Mole."
Business Strategist

Three trends in connecting industrial workers

Putting streaming IIoT data directly in the hands of connected workers.

Case Study: Analytical software predicts sewer-system blockages

Calculating sewer blockages 13 hours before they happen.
Business Intelligence

The 2017 Smart Industry 50

Our 2017 honorees are making digital revolution real.