Machine Learning

Advanced Control

Super data & bridging brownfield assets

"It is important to bridge the brownfield world to a new architecture leveraging open standards and broaden access to data."
Advanced Control

More with AJ & Aldo: The benefits of creating an energy baseline

any prediction model should first be built on first principal historical failures paired with supporting event/process data.
Artificial Intelligence

Base Camp Digital Presenter: Using AI, ML and the piano to inform post-pandemic strategies

Define the goals of an exploration, rather than just trying to apply AI and ML to all problems.
Operational Strategist

How to eliminate manufacturing exceptions with an intelligent collaborative mechanism

There are promising applications of dynamic scheduling, but further research is needed to scale and scope this methodology.
Business Strategist

Using big data to remedy cloud wastage and unlock cloud optimization

"The more that complex big-data applications migrate to the cloud, the greater the likelihood of misallocation of resources."
Business Strategist

Hyperautomation: The gateway to connected transformation of enterprise processes

"Most organizations are often unable to scale and take full advantage of end-to-end automation."