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Product News: HiveMQ Edge open-source software to standardize industrial edge data

July 26, 2023
Promises to integrate diverse endpoints to simplify IIoT projects.

HiveMQ announced the availability of HiveMQ Edge, an open source software gateway with an edge-optimized MQTT broker. HiveMQ Edge promises to help manufacturing organizations simplify and modernize their Industrial IoT infrastructure by converting proprietary OT protocols like Modbus and OPC-UA into the standardized MQTT format at the edge for easy integration with enterprise and cloud systems.

Per its maker, HiveMQ Edge solves these challenges and supports the Unified Namespace architecture, allowing data to be mapped from various sources into a structured and centralized data hub that enables real-time data analysis.

“We see a clear need for HiveMQ Edge in the market as manufacturers struggle to solve complex edge connectivity challenges on their path to digital transformation,” said Dominik Obermaier, co-founder and CTO, HiveMQ. “We’re making it faster and easier to connect the edge and reap the full benefits of IIoT with an open gateway that converts proprietary and legacy protocols to MQTT. We added a built-in broker for efficient messaging so users can deploy rapidly, drive costs down, and scale up easily.”

HiveMQ Edge promises to help companies modernize their IIoT infrastructure with these benefits:

  • Seamless data integration to enable a Unified Namespace

  • Plug-and-play integrations for protocols like Sparkplug and OPC UA

  • An edge-optimized MQTT broker to drive costs down

  • Intuitive UI and API-based operability

  • Open source with a rich SDK for maximum extensibility

For more information on HiveMQ Edge visit https://www.hivemq.com/hivemq-edge/