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Artificial Intelligence

AI coupled with 5G improves industrial network operations

The combination of two emerging technologies can boost plant security, increase real-time condition monitoring, improve predictive maintenance as well as offering other manufacturing...
Industrial Networks

Private mobile networks as a foundation for smart industry

A wireless network that delivers on the deterministic performance required by such digital initiatives.
Advanced Control

Case Study: Wearables and the pursuit of zero injuries

The wearable program is focused on reducing workers’ musculoskeletal injuries.
Advanced Control

Supply chain agility: Trucking companies must transform into software businesses

"There is immense value in software connecting freight from the factory to the warehouse to the truck and on to the final mile."
Business Intelligence

Case Study: Test driving autonomous ground vehicles…remotely

How do you showcase solutions to customers during a lockdown?

Smart Social Distancing on the manufacturing plant floor

A pandemic-prompted technology solution to alter human nature.
Operational Strategist

Predicting growth of predictive solutions

Assigning the right resource to the right task at the right time with the use of mobile devices.
Advanced Control

Securing cargo / monitoring the supply chain

Technology keeps bad guys out of containers while letting good data broadcast.
Advanced Control

Drone takes gas-leak detection to new heights

The ABB Ability mobile gas-leak detection system can now be mounted on a drone.
Business Intelligence

The 2017 Smart Industry 50

Our 2017 honorees are making digital revolution real.