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MxD launches Learn Advisory Committee to steer outcomes of its workforce strategy

July 13, 2023
Committee members includes experts from government, industry and academia.

MxD has established the MxD Learn Advisory Committee to drive the execution of the MxD Learn Curriculum and Pathways Integrating Technology and Learning (CAPITAL) strategy and outcomes, as well as overall MxD workforce strategy. The Learn Advisory Committee will be tasked with supporting role-prioritization for course development and helping drive and refine metrics for the program’s success. 

“Input from workforce thought leaders from industry, government, philanthropy, and academia is critical to ensuring the success of the CAPITAL program and other Learn initiatives,” said Lizabeth Stuck, vice president of MxD Learn. “The Learn Advisory Committee will support MxD Learn in ensuring the current and future workers in manufacturing have the skills and training needed to strengthen US manufacturing competitiveness and national security.” 

MxD Learn promises to help communities build a manufacturing workforce of the future. With programs targeting populations from high school to the factory floor, MxD helps companies train and retain skilled workers who are nimble and digitally savvy while the sector faces both a skills gap and a perception challenge. 

“More than two million US manufacturing jobs are expected to be unfilled by 2030 due to a skills shortage,” said MxD CEO Berardino Baratta. “With the Learn Advisory Committee, MxD will be able to continue expanding the impact of our portfolio, which has already reached 400,000 learners, and develop and release additional courses and resources to help close the skills gap.” 

Committee members draw from MxD’s partners and ecosystem experts. Additional members will be added to the committee in the coming months. Click here to find more details on members.