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IT/OT Convergence

How end-user computing in manufacturing is being revolutionized

By evolving VDI from on-premises systems that are impractical for enterprise needs to hybrids for the cloud, IT stakeholders at industrial companies are turning challenges into...

Why Russian cyber-attackers use modular frameworks for VPNFilter and Cyclops Blink malware

APTs have cleverly developed a strategy through modular frameworks allowing them to preserve their own malware “crown jewels.”

Case Study: MnDOT rebuilds Gateway to Greater Minnesota by going digital

The new freeway is expected to reduce roadway delays by more than 1,000 hours per day and eliminate USD 1.7 million in annual crash costs.
Digital Transformation

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: Keeping America moving

Roads, bridges, and ports that enable the transportation of manufactured goods, as well as the power grid that keeps the lights on, will get a much needed upgrade.