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Product News: Specim's hyperspectral camera

May 22, 2023
The Specim GX17 promises enhanced industrial machine vision.

Specim announced the next-generation near-infrared line-scan hyperspectral camera, Specim GX17, for advanced machine vision. The Specim GX17 complements Specim's FX camera series, the first hyperspectral cameras designed specifically for industrial use, per its maker. 

The Specim GX17 boasts a maximum frame rate of 800 Hz with 480 spatial pixels, which is 50% more than conventional QVGA sensor-based hyperspectral cameras, providing the best cost-performance ratio for high-volume industrial applications, claimes Specim.

"Specim is a global leader and pioneer in providing hyperspectral cameras for industrial applications. Our mission is to make hyperspectral technology more accessible and affordable for industrial use. The new Specim GX17 extends our broad product portfolio for industrial customers, and we believe that it enables broader adoption of hyperspectral technology in industrial machine vision," said Hannu Mäki-Marttunen, chief commercial officer of Specim. 

Specim GX17 promises accurate and reliable inline inspection, classification and quality-assurance of various materials. Operating in the NIR wavelength range from 950 to 1700 nanometers, the Specim GX17 can assess object details down to 1mm square flakes, which are invisible to the human eye. The high spatial resolution and frame rate enable the detection of objects on conveyor belts and free fall systems moving at high speed, making Specim GX17 ideal for waste and food sorting, for example, notes its maker.

"The development of Specim GX17 is driven primarily by industrial needs and requirements. Its spatial resolution, high light collection efficiency, and signal quality make Specim GX17 the most high-performing hyperspectral camera in its class," said Jere Hartikainen, Specim chief technical officer.