Sinamics G220 Key Visual

Product News: Siemens' SINAMICS G220 high-performance multi-purpose, adjustable speed drive

June 1, 2023
Promises greater efficiency, easier engineering, quicker setup and improved sustainability.

Siemens is launching a new high-performance drive to join the SINAMICS drives family—SINAMICS G220, touted by its maker as an innovative multi-purpose adjustable-speed drive with built-in Clean Power technology, which reduces harmonics by up to 97% without the need for an AC line reactor or DC choke. SINAMICS G220 is significantly more efficient in terms of space utilization and operation, notes Siemens, adding that the offering eases system engineering and its integration into a production or processing machine.

SINAMICS G220 has an integrated web-server for commissioning that eliminates the need to install software or an app on a PC or mobile device. This saves time and makes drive setup very intuitive and extremely user-friendly. These new drives are also equipped with an IIoT module, which means that SINAMICS G220 can be integrated into cloud and edge applications, increasing  the transparency of the applications and makeing remote monitoring and accessibility of the drive system possible. Machine availability can be optimized and system uptimes can be further improved, adds Siemens. 

SINAMICS G220 ensures the improved sustainability of processes through robust, safe, secure and efficient design and operation. This new drive contributes to a sustainable future, per Siemens, along its entire lifecycle from design to delivery thanks to the carbon-neutral production sites and paperless delivery system. This new drive is suitable for all industries, but especially food-and-beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil-and-gas, marine, automotive and tire manufacturing.