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Case Study: Three companies aid engineering education

Brock Solutions, Opto 22, Inductive Automation donate services, hardware, software & expertise to tomorrow's workforce.
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The Manufacturing Philosopher Column: Are your people flailing or flourishing?

"Flourishing probably isn’t a term most of us use much around the workplace."
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AT&T joins MxD to boost 5G innovation

Manufacturing companies are thinking about how they can test 5G technology.
Smart Systems

A center for Industry 4.0 competence

Spurring development of the Italian industrial system.
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Changing attitudes, overcoming workforce challenges

Educate to alter manufacturing's perception and train to empower personnel.
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A deep dive into your thoughts

A dominant and growing majority subscribe to the "digitalize or die" mantra.
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The 2017 Smart Industry 50

Our 2017 honorees are making digital revolution real.