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Event Highlights: AVEVA World Digital

Jan. 26, 2021
Dispatches from the front of the "intelligence revolution."

AVEVA's Craig Hayman

AVEVA kicked off its AVEVA World Digital conference today, a four-day deep dive into digital acceleration in the manufacturing space.

Here find a few highlights from AVEVA CEO Craig Hayman’s keynote kickoff presentation titled “Accelerate Intelligence, Elevate Performance.”

  • Digital transformation has evolved industrial experiences and aspirations in our new decade. The sustainability agenda is advancing and companies are exploring a new growth landscape.
  • We are in the midst of an intelligence revolution that is being fast-tracked by the pandemic and is meeting new challenges in this new market environment.
  • 2021 will witness a transition from mere survival in this industrial space to an environment of renewed hope. There are new ways of working. New growth. And new imperatives to be met. “We can’t go back to the way work was done, with its waste, duplication and excesses. We have a duty to go further and faster to realize a sustainable future through digital transformation.”
  • Economists predict that digital-transformation services will grow by 10% in the coming year. This growth is encouraging for many, and daunting for those struggling to determine what solution is right for their business.
  • Companies are embracing digital strategies for conservation goals that coincide with driving economic progress. Economic growth can promote sustainability.
  • While the past year has been difficult, AVEVA has not remained idle—they have continually evolved capabilities for the future and focused on optimizing engineering, operations and performance.
  • Digital transformation must be infused with human insight—technologies and bid data combined with artificial intelligence to find deeper insights that can be layered on the abilities of an increasingly connected workforce.
  • Hayman touched on case studies that exemplified his key points: implementing a new manufacturing-execution system for Starbucks to glean greater insights on operations data and provide “shop floor to top floor” visibility; catching a looming problem withing the Duke Energy operations that saved some $34 million while enhancing overall performance; revamping the use of engineering data at TechnipFMC to revolutionize the design of assets and build simulations to make equipment speedier and safer.

Access this keynote and all AVEVA World Digital sessions here.