Industrial Internet Consortium launches its Resource Hub

Oct. 16, 2018
New interface guides IIoT stakeholders with actionable intelligence

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) announced the IIC Resource Hub—a new interface to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) industry resources developed by the IIC, and a web-based tool called IIoT Project Explorer that guides users through the analysis and planning of their own IIoT projects.

The IIC Resource Hub not only references IIC resources including knowledge and expertise from IIC foundational documents, testbed insights, toolkits, demos and relationships with global standards and industry groups, but also provides actionable intelligence. It is designed for use across industries and among technical and business stakeholders in the IIoT.

“There is nothing like the IIC Resource Hub on the market now,” said Dirk Slama, vice president of business development, Bosch Software Innovations and chair of the IIC Steering Committee. “Members of the IIC have developed these essential resources for the industry so project managers and system architects don’t have to rely solely on intuition and prototyping in unchartered territory as they do today. The IIC Resource Hub will help lead to successful IoT implementations and facilitate the multi-billion-dollar opportunities of the IIoT.”

The IIC Resource Hub comprises the following:

  • IIC Body of Knowledge: This includes collaborative resources that have been developed, tested and published by industry leaders from the IIC membership.
  • The IIoT Project Explorer: This is a web-based methodology for creating an assessment of an IoT project. The IIoT Project Explorer enables users to scope a solution and create a mutual basis for communication between technical and business project stakeholders. It also directs a quantitative method for developing implementation, rollout and growth plans.
  • Ecosystem Directory: This is a mapping of the IIoT ecosystem that categorizes IIoT products, services, researchers and end users, making experts searchable by their expertise.

“The newly launched IIC Resource Hub offers much needed clarity around IIoT project management and offers guided access to valuable resources for accelerating industrial IoT deployments,” says Dima Tokar, co-founder of MachNation, an IIoT platform and services testing and research company.

The IIC Resource Hub is an essential tool helping IIoT stakeholders strategize, analyze and plan IIoT projects, according to its developer, which offers the initiative free of charge here