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Molex explores potential of the industrial metaverse to accelerate next-gen IoT infrastructures

Nov. 8, 2022
Manufacturers among first to benefit from convergence of physical and virtual processes to improve product-design cycles and factory of the future initiatives.

Molex has released a new report that examines the emerging world of the industrial metaverse and its impact on next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructures. To help companies prepare for what lies ahead, “Unleashing the Power of the Industrial Metaverse” offers pragmatic insights on the integration of physical and virtual technologies and processes to speed product-design cycles while improving production-line efficiencies and economics, per Molex. 

“The industrial metaverse will streamline everything from product development through commercialization and ultimately fulfillment,” said Mike Giresi, chief digital officer, Molex. “Modernizing IoT infrastructure to take full advantage of the metaverse is a strategic business imperative that will result in deeper, more productive customer experiences and richer data insights today and well into the future.”   

Industrial metaverse as productivity-force multiplier  

Molex and Arrow commissioned the development of this report to offer perspective on how the industrial metaverse will transform manufacturing through increased adoption of artificial intelligence, augmented reality/virtual reality, digital twins, machine learning and predictive analytics. These early enablers already are gaining traction in industrial settings to support manufacturing automation, process optimization, remote assistance, and training, as well as predictive maintenance.  

As these technologies and use cases establish a firm foothold, they will create momentum for consumer-focused applications by facilitating faster inflection points and quantum leaps in productivity. According to the report, a robust industrial metaverse will deliver unprecedented value, starting with the design and ideation phase of product development all the way through manufacturing, sales, service and maintenance.