Product News: Honeywell’s Connected OEM offering

June 28, 2022
Promises to enable equipment manufacturers to centrally monitor global assets.

Honeywell introduced its Connected OEM (original equipment manufacturer) offering, an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that enables OEMs and skid manufacturers to remotely monitor the health and condition of their installed base. Equipment such as compressors, furnaces, pumping stations, analyzer houses and skids at end-user locations around the world can be monitored through the offering, per Honeywell.

Through a cloud-based central-asset-management system securely connected to equipment assets, OEMs can obtain a consolidated view of their global installed base through a customizable key performance indicator dashboard. Users can apply data analytics and tools to troubleshoot and fix equipment, predict failures, plan maintenance and make informed business decisions in areas such as R&D. This results in increased end user uptime through superior maintenance of equipment, leading to higher customer satisfaction. It also significantly reduces servicing costs for the OEM, who can address most issues remotely and cut down on time- and cost-intensive site visits.

“Honeywell Connected OEM is a win-win because it solves an age-old challenge for OEMs while enabling them to leverage Industry 4.0 technology to optimize their operations and equipment performance,” said Andrew Brodie, general manager, Modular Control Systems & OEM Breakthrough Initiative, Honeywell Process Solutions. “Furthermore, it’s a timely response to market demand for solutions that ensure the continuity of production and services.”

Increasing asset intelligence provides the building blocks for improved equipment performance and reliability. Honeywell’s Connected OEM delivers edge-data collection and application-specific analytics that provide OEMs and their customers new operational insights, they note. Through the Connected OEM solution, Honeywell also promises to enable equipment suppliers to remotely monitor their assets and offer proactive and predictive reliability services.

Honeywell Connected OEM is ideal for small to medium-sized OEMs and skid manufacturers, its maker notes, including those without in-house automation teams who require an easy-to-implement, all-in-one IoT solution.