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IT/OT Convergence

We’re still talking about it. We’re still discussing IT/OT convergence because it’s still central to the success of any digitalization campaign. And the marriage of IT and OT ...
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Services Innovation

Servitization: Manufacturers see the value in new pricing models

This survey — conducted by IndustryWeek in partnership with Conga — sought to understand whether and how manufacturers are adopting servitization models, in which they sell their...
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Cloud Applications

Things are looking up with the cloud. Not literally, of course, but figuratively, as cloud capabilities increasingly become more affordable, more secure and more widely adopted...

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Special Reports

Automation is the answer in 2024 for combating manufacturing challenges

With workforce pressures and economic challenges, it’s high time manufacturers began implementing these technologies into their business models.
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Generative AI

Special Report: GenAI in Manufacturing

In this Special Report we find out more about how impactful Generative AI is for manufacturers and how it's changing manufacturing as a whole.
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Special Reports

Making Your Workers Connected (And Happy!) To Develop A Truly Smart Enterprise

Download this Special Report to learn more about connecting with your workers in the digital age.

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Research Projects

Industry Insight - The State of Data and Digital Transformation

In this report, you will read the full results from a recent survey and discover how manufacturers plan to overcome obstacles involving digital transformation.
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Research Report: Smart OT Cybersecurity From C-Suite To Strategy

A survey of more than 100 manufacturing professionals, conducted in spring 2022, explores the current and future state of cybersecurity in industrial OT environments, focusing...