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Smart Industry State of Initiative Report

Nov. 18, 2022
Strange Days In Transformative Times

We’re living—and working—in a strange time. Ask a dozen people if we’re still in the pandemic or if we’re over it, and you’ll get a dozen different answers. There are early adopters of digital approaches to manufacturing reaping huge rewards and shouting their successes from rooftops, others languish in pilot purgatory, and a smaller camp has sworn off the notion of digital transformation after struggling with early efforts.

We see that diversity in opinions in our annual State of Initiative survey, which we’ve been conducting since 2015. Trends about the tools and techniques of modern manufacturing emerge then, strangely, subside in the following years. Tactics that trigger passionate responses get surpassed in short order by new ones, or older digitalization approaches re-emerge as the “smart” way of working at this stage of Industry 4.0. Transformations, naturally, are surprising by nature.

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