Oil, Gas, Chemicals


Critical infrastructure at a crossroads in an era of hacks

The sky is not falling, but there are storm clouds on the horizon.

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware is a foretelling lesson for manufacturing resiliency

At first, one might say "What does a ransomware attack on a pipeline have to do with manufacturing?"
Asset Performance

The benefits—yes benefits!—of creating a sustainability-first culture

"As data becomes more accurate and automated, the financing of sustainability programs becomes much more achievable."
Human Capital

Storm-assessment services make the difference in utility outage-restoration efforts

Technology-enabled storm assessment services provide a lifeline for utilities hard hit by the forces of Mother Nature.
Oil, Gas, Chemicals

Ignition Field Notes

The Oil And Gas Collective Session studies successes with the software.
Business Strategist

Energy transformation on a global scale

A Q&A with energy experts from Wind River.
Data Analytics

How the mining industry is making use of data to glean insights

There are secrets in the ground. Smart miners are using them to optimize their efforts.
Process Innovation

COVID-19, process users & industries

What are the effects? What are the responses?
Advanced Control

Digital strategy for power management at the world’s largest chemical company

Digitizing electrical infrastructure enables an unprecedented level of visibility.