Product News: Honeywell’s Measurement IQ (MIQ) Optimize

Nov. 9, 2020
Enterprise software to help gas distributors transform metering operations.

Honeywell announced the release of Measurement IQ (MIQ) Optimize, an enterprise-wide solution for monitoring meters, gas chromatographs and other measurement assets. The new software solution collects and analyses diagnostic information from devices across different sites for a real-time overview of metering health. The MIQ Optimize solution can provide an early warning of measurement concerns, so that operators can prioritize and address meter issues having the most impact on their business, according to Honeywell.  

MIQ Optimize allows users to detect increasing measurement uncertainty quicker, helping avoid failures and downtime, reducing engineer site visits and extending calibration periods. The solution also includes recommended actions to ease troubleshooting and maintenance—identifying the most likely causes of meter issues and suggesting remedies. The software supports Honeywell meters and gas chromatographs as well as devices from other major manufacturers. 

“Measurement IQ Optimize provides the first vendor-agnostic, enterprise-wide view of the health of metering operations. From a single pane of glass, users can identify their key sources of measurement uncertainty, the value at risk and what they can do to reduce it,” said Max Gutberlet, offering manager, gas software and solutions, Honeywell Process Solutions. “It’s a powerful tool for directing condition-based maintenance programs and dramatically reducing the cost of lost and unaccounted gas through mismeasurement.” 

The solution allows gas-distribution businesses and others to address the millions lost every year to undetected meter inaccuracy. Uncertainty of just 0.5% in ultrasonic gas measurement can add up to a cost of approximately $1 million per year. With real-time monitoring, operators can detect issues before these losses accumulate; while enterprise-wide management of meter uncertainty can drive improvement in fiscal metering margins. 

MIQ Optimize further enhances Honeywell’s existing Measurement IQ for Gas offering, which operators across the globe already use for real-time monitoring of measurement uncertainty at the device and station level. It is a fully cybersecure solution that enables secure, remote monitoring of all gas measurement assets, according to its maker.