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Got data? We’ve got an engineer for you.

"I think we are at a turning point where businesses are starting to recognize the importance of data-informed decisions."

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In a few weeks, Seeq Principal Analytics Engineer Michelle Hart joins VP/CMO Michael Risse for the Smart Industry webinar “Installed in the Morning, A Million Dollar Benefit in the Afternoon: New Advanced Analytics for your Machine Data.” Today she shares her perspective on data contextualization, the data-and-dollars connection and what, exactly, an analytics engineer does. Take a look…Smart Industry: Define your role as an analytics engineer.   Michelle: As an analytics engineer I help engineers and companies get the value out of their data. All of the analytics engineers at Seeq come from industry, so we know the challenges and opportunities that are…

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smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformation

Industrial Networks, Exponential Gains

The real rewards of digital transformation are reaped when disparate elements are connected into a network, enabling data-informed insights from this machine to optimize the performance of that machine and that machine and that machine. Click here to get the report.

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPredictive Maintenance: Turning Downtime Upside-Down

Zero downtime is a nice dream. Until we get there, we'll happily settle for accurately predicting when and where and how we must service our machines. Click here to get the report.

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