Podcast: AI best practices—Lessons learned at Girtz and Ford

July 18, 2024
In this episode of Great Question, Sean O’Meara and Jason Ryska describe how AI is transforming their industries.

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How to choose security for your OT operations

An effective OT security regimen must be able to secure the entire environment at a plant—the “legacy” machinery as well as the latest devices.
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Business Intelligence

Smart connected products give industrials unprecedented opportunities

Five key considerations that can help manufacturers meet the moment and generate as much as $2.3 trillion in incremental revenue by 2030.
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Pair of new reports see glaring data, cybersecurity, content-sharing vulnerabilities

Surveys from Copia Automation and Kiteworks of manufacturing stakeholders join others, from Fortinet in June and Ponemon/Cyolo in February, that point to large, exploitable holes...
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Advanced Control

The promise of quantum computing in manufacturing

The technology, which could have $2 trillion in end-user economic impact by 2035, is primed to revolutionize the advanced technologies of Industry 4.0.
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Additive Manufacturing

Nano Dimension to buy Desktop Metal for as little as $135 million

Stratasys bid $1.8 billion for the metal additive manufacturing company about a year ago.
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Human Capital

Retraining your best people, upskilling new hires through free virtual education

Transferring knowledge from retiring experts to remaining or new employees is a critical challenge, so manufacturers usually must do it digitally and, preferably, inexpensively...
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Control & Optimization

Connecting and protecting manufacturing workers in an era of technical skills shortages

Manufacturers face complex challenges stemming from technical skills shortages and the onboarding of younger and less experienced staff but solving these issues could be mission...

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Cybersecurity report shows threats to OT skyrocketing

Newly released survey from Fortinet says that nearly one-third of OT organizations reported more than six intrusions over the last year, up from 11% in 2023.

Tools of Transformation

Taking it to the Edge

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IOT) offer manufacturers a way to increase efficiency, become more agile and prevent costly downtime. But, at the same, the prevalence...