Podcast: Cybersecurity action steps and the dilemma of guarding private data

May 21, 2024
Kiteworks’ Frank Balonis joins Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl to get into detail about the cyber threats that endanger the factory floor—both industrial OT and IT—and which ...

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Digital Twin

Unleashing the potential of digital twin technology

The tech poses several benefits for manufacturing, where product development and optimization are critical, and immense value in product digital twins can be found.
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Rockwell launches layoffs as client inventories continue to drag

The automation equipment and software company’s leader says spending is being prioritized to its ‘highest-value activities.’
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Big Data

Metaverse, big data, and how AI can drive next-gen manufacturing

In industries such as manufacturing, the metaverse is one of the most discussed topics of next-gen digital technologies.
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VR on the factory floor boosts safety, innovation, efficiency

Virtual reality training has begun shifting the landscape of learning within manufacturing. Cost and complexity concerns, that left traditional training systems in place, have...
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Sustainability: The next step in industrial design’s evolution

The reasons for companies to adopt sustainable design practices as they have for industrial design are just as diverse as the methods they will take.
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Artificial Intelligence

AI abuse by cyberattackers is a people—not technology—problem

Like any breakthrough, AI can be twisted for illegitimate purposes, but manufacturing IT and OT people can also turn the technology against cyber intruders. Here's how.
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Transition at Rootstock: Berger succeeds Ralyea as CEO

Manufacturing cloud ERP provider names software veteran to succeed interim chief exec, who will continue to serve as executive chairman of Rootstock’s board of directors.

Human Capital

Podcast: Building a workplace violence prevention policy at your plant

In this episode of Great Question, Matt Doherty of Sikich explains how a new California law could impact safety compliance at factories across the U.S.

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Report: Contracted tech workers paid less than regular IT staff

Analysis of “shadow workforce” by LA-based workplace equity technology firm Trusaic shows uneven compensation between regular staff in technology departments and contingent workers...