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IT/OT Convergence

Securing OT’s future: Strategies to adapt in an evolving environment

June 12, 2024
Isolating systems to ensure their protection is no longer the norm for the industrial landscape and increased connectivity is essential for modern industrial operations.

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Smart Industry to debut new technology series

From iterative improvements in operations to game-changing innovations, Industry 4.0 thought leader Jeff Winter and Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl will, starting on June 24 ...
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Artificial Intelligence

How one manufacturer made all its digitized data easily searchable. Hint: It was AI

Agrochemical company plugged natural language-based artificial intelligence into its PLM and, now using a “smart” search tool that was five years in development and prototyping...

Podcast: How to stop enabling the emergency maintenance culture

In this episode of Great Question, author and YouTuber Joe Kuhn explores how to build a mindset that celebrates reliability champions.
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Artificial Intelligence

Survey: 90% of manufacturers are using AI, but many feel they lag behind competitors

Findings in annual survey of 508 industrials by cloud ERP provider Rootstock Software reveal an “imposter syndrome” where 38% worry they are behind peers in implementation.
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Manufacturing leads in cyberattacks for a third straight year, so what are some defenses?

An overwhelming majority of intrusions could have been mitigated with patching, multifactor authentication or least-privilege principles, an IBM study has found.
Industry Perspectives

Distributed-energy strategies and how manufacturers can operate as their own mini-utilities

Industrials in most verticals can take advantage of otherwise unusable/wasted space or processes for the purpose of generating electricity; rooftops and parking lots, for example...
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Digital Twin

Hybrid twins: Antidote to the post-pandemic product recall crisis?

With an alarming number of product failures in Q1 of 2024 and the airline industry rocked by design and maintenance messes, it’s time to look at more complex simulations.


Podcast: Cybersecurity action steps and the dilemma of guarding private data

Kiteworks’ Frank Balonis joins Smart Industry’s Scott Achelpohl to get into detail about the cyber threats that endanger the factory floor—both industrial OT and IT—and which ...

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Digital Twin

Unleashing the potential of digital twin technology

The tech poses several benefits for manufacturing, where product development and optimization are critical, and immense value in product digital twins can be found.

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Industry News

Report: Contracted tech workers paid less than regular IT staff

Analysis of “shadow workforce” by LA-based workplace equity technology firm Trusaic shows uneven compensation between regular staff in technology departments and contingent workers...