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It’s the supply chain’s time in the sun!

"I remember when distribution centers were regarded as necessary evils."

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Like everything else in the world of manufacturing, the supply chain is undergoing drastic change as all stakeholders throughout the chain adopt digital approaches. We chatted with Joe Limbaugh, Motion Industries’ SVP of supply chain, operations support and marketing, to get his take on what’s next.Smart Industry: In an era of smart technology, what is the greatest next-stop opportunity in relation to the supply chain? Joe: Like the term Supply Chain, Smart Technology can mean different things to different people. In a general sense, the idea of using data to link and drive business decisions, particularly in supply chain, can yield tremendous opportunities. For…

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What is the state of digital transformation?

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2019 State of Initiative Report

Each year we solicit feedback from the professionals on the front lines of digital transformation. This year more than 650 of you responded, indicating that we're not the only ones thinking about Industry 4.0. So what's on everyone's minds? Click here to get the report.

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPerspective from our editor in chief

So what do the results of our 2019 State of Initiative Report actually mean? Smart Industry Editor in Chief Keith Larson, who has conducted this survey for five years, share his thoughts in this video. Take a look.

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