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Many of us in the manufacturing space are quick to herald the ubiquity of digital transformation. “It’s changing everyone! And everything! And every way we do every process!”And that’s true. Or it’s growing truer every day as headlines tout new, smart approaches to everything from fabricating to farming to fire-fighting. But within that universality there are differences, of course. There are different applications. Different motivations. Different success rates.In the industrial space, a major differentiator is whether you’re talking about discrete or process manufacturing.So, what’s the difference? What’s the divide between discrete manufacturing (the…

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Read the report, watch the video, optimize your Industry 4.0 efforts!

smart industryIndustrial automation: Automate your processes, optimize your efforts

Automating industrial processes can solve the most pressing issues facing manufacturers. Enable your machines to do more of the work. Click here to find tips on doing just that. 

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPerspective from our editor in chief

So what do the results of our 2019 State of Initiative Report actually mean? Smart Industry Editor in Chief Keith Larson, who has conducted this survey for five years, share his thoughts in this video. Take a look.

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