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Service is the new sizzle

AI-assisted field service organizations may keep customers coming back for more.

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In the restaurant business, the old adage, “sell the sizzle, not the steak,” emphasizes the importance of selling customer experience when there may not be a significance between the meals on offer. Meanwhile, restaurants also must focus on maximizing efficiency and profits with technology such as point-of-sale systems to turn tables quickly.It’s a phenomenon becoming more applicable to industrial enterprises that deal with other businesses rather than end consumers. A key item left to sell is service, and innovation to make their products—and the customer’s experience of them—more effective, efficient and profitable.  The toolset of field service…

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smart industryMaking Sense of Industrial IoT Platforms

As IIoT complexity grows, so does the need for overarching platforms to support the software and enable the people driving the digitalization efforts to make sense of it all. This report will help. Click here to get our latest Technology Report. 

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