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Gaming the system: 3D simulation to develop the next-gen workforce

Training programs using videogame experiences signal that your workplace is technologically advanced.

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By Debra Schug, communications manager for Simutech Multimedia  Congratulations are in order for PR people in the manufacturing industry. After years of battling the negative perception of the plant floor being a dark and dirty place, that narrative is changing.According to a recent study conducted by West Monroe Partners, the majority of 18-40 year-olds polled in Minnesota view manufacturers as tech-savvy and tech-forward. Wow. Weren’t we all just screaming from the rooftops a few months ago that the modern factory floor is not your grandfather’s manufacturing facility?Great news, right? Not so fast. The second part of that same poll reveals these next-gen workers…

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smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationThe Next Step for Data Analytics—Driving Business Strategy

Are you enabling data to dictate enterprise-wide changes? You should be, and the features in this report provide guidance on getting there. Click here to take the next step with your data analytics. 

smart industry iot iiot industrial internet of things digital transformationPerspective from our editor in chief

So what do the results of our 2019 State of Initiative Report actually mean? Smart Industry Editor in Chief Keith Larson, who has conducted this survey for five years, share his thoughts in this video. Take a look.

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