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Webinar rewind: Getting the ‘Ts’ to get along

April 11, 2024
Rewatch Kimberly Cornwell of Siemens and Tim Gaus of Deloitte helping Smart Industry figure out how technology people in OT and IT can bust barriers—by transcending job titles...

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Process Innovation

Simulation, AI, and their roles in manufacturing's future

Simulation leverages artificial intelligence to analyze data to predict what will be most effective moving forward, and AI also takes factory-floor data and helps your operation...

Podcast: How reshoring is changing U.S. manufacturing

In this episode of Great Question, Rosemary Coates from the Reshoring Institute examines reshoring and nearshoring trends in 2024.

Podcast: The wide impacts of the Baltimore bridge disaster

In this episode, a panel of experts from our Manufacturing and Commercial Vehicle groups discuss how the effects of the Key Bridge collapse will ripple across many industries....
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Artificial Intelligence

With AI, the time is now, say manufacturing technologists, futurist, 'evangelist'

2024 is the ‘year of implementation’ when it comes to this breakthrough technology, though speakers at a recent New Orleans conference conceded they often must still explain what...
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Maximum security? How multifactor authentication is being defeated

Understanding the vulnerabilities of one of the hottest current security strategies against cyber intrusion.

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Business Transformation

Manufacturers should view emerging tech as relief from the workforce crunch

Manufacturing jobs are up—23,000 in January alone—but skilled workers are getting harder to come by. The correct systems and innovations can help industrials ease this shortage...

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Industry News

Report: Contracted tech workers paid less than regular IT staff

Analysis of “shadow workforce” by LA-based workplace equity technology firm Trusaic shows uneven compensation between regular staff in technology departments and contingent workers...