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Product News: HeyScottie’s automatic pricing engine for finishing service

Jan. 20, 2023
Promises to empower manufacturers to break free of local-only anodizing, powder-coating, and electroless nickel-finishing service providers.

HeyScottie announced the launch of its automatic pricing engine for manufacturers, which promises to reduce the RFQ process for finishing services from months to minutes, giving manufacturers the power to break free of “local only” finishing sources while saving time and money.

Using HeyScottie’s automatic pricing engine, manufacturers can simply upload a CAD and say, “Go fetch” to immediately get a quote for the fastest and best value in finishing services anywhere in the United States, per its maker.

"When I was a manufacturer myself, I saw the process take weeks, even months, because there was no price transparency—and the only options were local,” said HeyScottie Founder and CEO Rhonda Dibachi. “I created HeyScottie and the automatic pricing engine so that manufacturers can take advantage of advances in artificial intelligence and cloud computing to gain access to finishing services anywhere in the country and get a reliable quote in seconds.”

Drawing on her experience in manufacturing, product design and manufacturing-applications design, Dibachi built the nation’s first database of finishing-service operators, pricing and turnaround times, they note, enabling even small US manufacturers to outsource finishing services beyond their immediate locale so they can speed innovation, boost production, and cut costs.

“I found that pricing in finishing services is widely variable, and not just from state to state; even within the same town you can get quotes for $25 to $500 for the same finishing service,” noted Dibachi. “Doing a comparison of pricing and turnaround times between local providers used to be so time-consuming. Few finishers publish their price lists, and I think many manufacturers simply stuck with the shop that they knew. Our automatic pricing engine automatically provides the best price, whether that’s a block away or several states away.”

HeyScottie’s manufacturing experience, finishing know-how, in-house engineering team, database of finishing shops, and proprietary grading algorithms ensure quality and consistency for every order—enabling manufacturers to get the best value from suppliers and service providers throughout the US, they said. Manufacturers can quickly find out if they can onshore their overseas production without losing quality or increasing costs, explore new services, and increase capacity for custom orders, they added, noting that HeyScottie can help US manufacturers find the best value for services such as powder-coating, anodizing and electroless nickel-plating.