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Webinar Preview: Tips for automating your data streams

July 24, 2019
What's the trick to keeping salespeople honest?

In a September, Craig Hobbs shares his expertise during the Smart Industry webinar “Automate your data steams, simplify your processes & maximize your profits.” Today the InfluxData sales engineer previews his presentation and shares his thoughts on tricky data streams, data democratization and keeping salespeople honest. Take a look…

Smart Industry: Why is processing data streams still a challenge? 

InfluxData's Craig Hobbs

Craig: Existing historians and facilities systems that collect data streams today are challenging to integrate with modern toolsets and analytic pipelines. Additionally, many of these systems still rely on sampling and lousy data to prevent overwhelming the backend data stores with high-collection frequencies. 

Smart Industry: What kind of workflows are we talking about? 

Craig: Targeting those traditional workflows designed for access by a limited audience of operators and utilizing partial datasets. Enterprise business units are looking for access options that will provide full-dataset resolution, integration with other data sources, and tools for data shaping. Adding the ability to perform stream processing on this data gives enterprises the ability to automate workflows, compute key metrics, and detect events based on value changes.

Smart Industry: What do you mean by the term "reliable data stream"?

Craig: We view a reliable data stream as one that is highly available, provides full data-stream collection (no sampling needed), and offers near real-time delivery. Key to the development of these streams is managing the varying message-delivery frequency of the data publishers and maintaining the subscription backlog. 
Smart Industry: Your bio describes your ability to "keep salespeople honest." What does that mean? 

Craig: The role of the solution architect is to help users with the art of the possible. When users are looking for solutions to their problems, I focus on options across product platforms that give users the best combination of architecture, speed, and flexibility. 

Smart Industry: What most excites you in the near future of manufacturing data? 

Craig: I'm excited about the growing trend of data democratization in manufacturing. Vendors are moving away from priority formats and opting for more open standards that provide new opportunities for monetizing this data. 

Want more from Craig? Join him during the webinar. Click here to learn more and register.