Product News: Stratus' ftServer Platforms

April 17, 2023
Promises an increase in performance and unmatched combination of computing power, reliability, and serviceability.

Stratus Technologies announced the next generation of its Stratus ftServer fault-tolerant computing platforms. Promising up to 25% greater performance, Stratus’ latest generation platforms deliver more CPU cores, increased processor power, and expanded networking connectivity, per their maker, which adds that the ftServer platforms combine compute power, reliability, and virtualization, making them ideal for deploying advanced software and support edge-core-cloud data architectures.

“This new generation of Stratus ftServers is our most powerful ftServer platform yet. With this release, we are supporting the current and future compute needs of our customers,” said Jason Andersen, vice president, strategy and business line management at Stratus. “Building on unmatched uptime, ftServer platforms now offer more versatility and performance for the increasing demands of a variety of applications and use cases, from transaction and payment processing to industrial automation.”

Stratus ftServer platforms promise to provide a reliable, simple, and serviceable compute platform that ensures continuous availability of critical applications and services and helps companies realize the full benefit of these initiatives.

Backed by Stratus’ fault-tolerance, proactive-health monitoring, and support for simple, protected, and autonomous operations, the reliability, virtualization and performance of Stratus’ ftServer platforms provide organizations with the ability to build edge-in architectures to modernize infrastructure, improve productivity, and increase operational efficiency and visibility, notes Stratus.