Product News: Vision sensors for color inspections

July 23, 2018
Manage and monitor inspections without a PC.

Banner Engineering announced the release of iVu Color vision sensors for inspections based on color or variations in color.

iVu Color vision sensors can be used to monitor objects for color or color variations, determine the presence and color of one or more features, and verify that an object matches a reference color or colors, according to Banner. iVu Color vision sensors can also inspect objects based on type, size, orientation or position. The tools that enable all these inspections can be used alone or in combination to solve complex applications.

iVu Color vision sensors have a graphical user interface and menu-driven tools to simplify setup and make it possible to manage and monitor inspections without a PC. Inspection parameters can be changed while inspections are in progress, with full runtime-editing to reduce downtime. They are available in models with an integrated or remote touchscreen.

Vision sensors in the iVu Series have a compact design and a rugged IP67-rated housing that protects against many environmental challenges common to industrial environments, according to Banner. Enabling integration on the factory floor, they support multiple industrial network protocols, including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus/TCP.

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