Weidmuller teams with distillery to make hand sanitizer

April 16, 2020
The process uses high-proof alcohol that is commonly a waste product.

Weidmuller Inc. has partnered with Three Crosses Distilling Co. to produce hand sanitizer to support organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic. All bottles from the distiller-turned-sanitizer producer will be donated to help first responders, health and government organizations.

Samples of the hand sanitizer

Weidmuller’s contribution for this partnership was supplying pre-printed industrial adhesive labels (EL 15 & 27). All labels were printed using five of Weidmuller’s THM MultiMark thermal printers to meet the current demand of 4,700 items.

The process for making hand sanitizer uses high-proof alcohol that is commonly seen as waste product. The alcohol is de-natured to prevent consumption. Hydrogen peroxide, vegetable glycerin, aloe and other essential oils are added, and the sanitizer is then mixed and placed in bottles.

Weidmuller will continue to work on a way to extend this opportunity to our distributors and customers that would be interested in supporting their local distilleries who are also producing similar sanitizer products.