Product News: WAGO’s 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks

Sept. 27, 2021
Promises exciting variety for PCB design.
WAGO’s new 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks feature Push-In CAGE CLAMP spring-pressure-connection technology for direct insertion of both solid and ferruled conductors, with the added convenience of push button operation for the introduction of flexible wires, per their maker, which touts the broad range of this terminal-block series with more than 256 variants.

Customers can choose between pin spacing (3.5 or 5mm), side or top wire entry angle, double in-line or staggered pinning for higher voltages with nominal current, as well as through-hole or surface mount. They are available in 2-12 poles, accepting wire sizes between 24-14 AWG.  

From device controllers to compact device connection of any type, notes WAGO, the 2086 Series PCB Terminal Blocks are suitable for reflow soldering and are packaged in either tray (THR) or tape and reel (SMD) allowing for full integration into the SMT assembly process.