Product News: Quadritalia modular enclosures

Oct. 28, 2021
The enclosures can be cut to enables wiring before assembly or by removing the panel.

AutomationDirect has added new Quadritalia modular enclosures to their selection. This new modular line adds enclosures that can be easily assembled on-site to fit any application while maintaining the required NEMA rating, they note.

Quadritalia modular enclosures are available as kits that include all the necessary components and hardware (with the exception of plinths) to assemble a complete NEMA 12 rated freestanding single-door, double-door, or dual-access enclosure. The OKK series modular enclosure kits are available with assembled enclosure heights of up to 78.74 inches (2000mm) and offer various widths and depths.

Modular enclosures provide numerous benefits, notes AutomationDirect, including the ability to easily cut holes on individual panels before assembly or by removing the panel. Damaged panels can easily be replaced, and panels can be combined or replaced with larger ones for future expansion.

The new Quadritalia modular enclosure kits start at $648.00. The individual Quadritalia modular enclosure components can be purchased separately and start at $56.00. Numerous accessories are also available, including mounting channels, drip shields, and folding desks.