Coaching for the race to net zero

April 27, 2021
They can do this today without waiting for technology advancements.

On June 17 Humera Malik presents the webinar “Accelerate Your Race to Net Zero—Learn how simple digital initiatives can drive your net-zero strategy.”

Today, the CEO of Canvass AI previews her presentation, exploring new applications of artificial intelligence to work smarter and cleaner.

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Smart Industry: What is a quick definition of “net-zero” in the manufacturing space? 

Humera: Net-zero refers to this goal of minimizing total carbon (or sometimes, greenhouse gas) emissions from humans into the Earth’s atmosphere, with any emissions offset by carbon removal to reach a net output of zero. This is also referred to as carbon neutrality. 

Smart Industry: What is one simple example of using artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency? 

Humera: AI can be used in energy-production processes to predict the optimal controls for the process. This can help minimize fuel usage, bringing down the cost of energy production and leading to a reduction in carbon emissions. For example: a large manufacturer has used the Canvass AI platform to optimize multiple co-generation assets, lowering the fuel costs by 4% with the carry-on impact of reducing GHG emissions by 10+ million pounds of CO2 per year.

Smart Industry: What do you find optimistic about digital initiatives in our efforts to work cleaner?

Humera: What makes us optimistic is that industrial companies can kickstart their sustainability efforts  based on their existing digital investments. By leveraging their operational data, they can make real contributions to reducing their waste, greenhouse-gas emissions, how much water and energy they consume, etc. They can do this today without waiting for the technology advancements that will require big CAPEX investments to their equipment.

Want more with Humera? Join her and her colleague Josef Zankowicz during the webinar. Click here to learn more and register.

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