Product News: Bright Machines’ microfactory-as-a-service

Feb. 26, 2020
Promises to remove friction from factory-automation procurement.

Bright Machines has launched Bright Machines Select, a new microfactory-as-a-service model that brings all of the benefits of software-defined manufacturing to manufacturers without the upfront costs associated with traditional automation-equipment purchasing, according to Bright Machines, which touts simplified financial evaluation, budgeting and contracts, while removing friction and streamlining the purchasing process for manufacturers looking to deploy intelligent automation to improve their lines.

“At Bright Machines, our goal is to democratize how products get manufactured so that eventually, anyone, anywhere can get something made efficiently and cost effectively,” said Amar Hanspal, CEO, Bright Machines. “ While some manufacturers prefer the traditional model of buying expensive hardware, Bright Machines Select offers a more inclusive service that combines hardware and intelligent software without high capital costs, putting factory automation within the reach of even more manufacturers.”