Product News: Rittal’s VX SE free-standing enclosure

July 8, 2021
Promises greater versatility and access.

Credit: Rittal North America

Rittal North America introduced the VX SE free-standing enclosure system that promises greater versatility. For applications where Rittal’s AX compact enclosures are too small and the TS 8 baying enclosures are too large, the VX SE is a midway alternative for applications where baying is not required. Additionally, the VX SE size range includes a 300 mm-deep version that is suitable for applications where space is limited.

The VX SE offers quicker time-to-delivery and faster, streamlined assembly, enhanced reliability, greater safety, and compatibility with other Rittal systems, per its maker. With advantages such as high-protection categories, a wide range of sizes from 300 mm depth to 1,800 mm width, different material options in carbon steel and stainless steel, and simple and complete engineering, the VX SE is an ideal stand-alone solution to help panel builders, machine builders, systems integrators, and end users increase their productivity.

“We see in the market that there are applications where baying is not required, so customers will benefit from the versatility of the new VX SE free-standing enclosure system that is compatible with our TS 8 baying system,” states Troy Miesse, industrial automation product manager at Rittal. “That means that panel builders who transition to the VX SE do not have to make major adjustments in terms of engineering, assembly, or component installation—everything stays the same. Also, it is possible to combine VX SE with any TS 8 accessories, so panel builders can simply make use of existing components from the baying product portfolio.”

In contrast to baying enclosures with a frame and removable side panels, the free-standing enclosure has an all-in-one body made from a single piece of steel sheet or stainless steel. Other features of the VX SE free-standing enclosure system include:

•Minimal ordering and assembly work due to the solid side panels and roof

•Body produced from a single piece for maximum stability and torsional rigidity

•Smart enclosure design from a single piece to help ensure good EMC properties

•Enhanced safety due to no gaps between side panels, roof, and frame 

•High protection category up to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X

•Wide range of dimensions, up to a width of 1,800 mm, can replace up to three bayed enclosures

•Depths of 300 mm are ideally suited for applications in confined spaces

•TS 8 compatibility makes installation easy and engineering, assembly, and component installation remain the same

The VX SE is ideal for many applications which can be accommodated with a single enclosure. For example, with its high level of torsional rigidity, the VX SE is well-suited to cope with dynamic loads and stresses when used with compact machinery and equipment and their power distribution and automation components. Additionally, to meet the exacting hygiene standards of the food and beverage industry, the VX SE high protection category of up to IP 66/NEMA 4X allows cleaning with high-pressure water jets.