Product News: Uptake Fusion now in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

May 18, 2021
Azure users deploying OSIsoft PI now have access to Uptake Fusion for data-extraction.

Uptake announced the availability of Uptake Fusion Cloud Datastore for OSIsoft PI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use in Azure. In just three minutes, operators in process-intensive industries like chemicals, oil and gas, renewables, manufacturing, and mining can purchase Uptake Fusion from the Marketplace and install it directly into their enterprise tenant in Azure. Users are able to transfer all of their OSIsoft PI data—historical, instantaneous, and metadata—into the cloud for greater enterprise access and advanced analytics.

“For simply accessing their own data, users of on-premise historians incur a cost per tag. We’re able to solve that problem and empower operators to bypass the process of pre-modeling data, scaling the extraction of operational data to the cloud for valuable use cases like enterprise reporting, monitoring, and planning,” said Dr. Dave Shook, chief data officer at Uptake. “Once OSIsoft PI data is liberated by Uptake Fusion, our customers have unfettered access to their own data in Azure. We’re propelling data scientists, engineers, and executives with the intelligence they need to make informed business decisions.”

Uptake Fusion establishes a connector with OSIsoft PI—and any SCADA or control system, historian, or IIoT sensor—to extract asset-produced data for long-term storage in Azure, according to Uptake. All OSIsoft PI data is organized in Uptake Fusion exactly as it is in the PI Asset Framework (PI-AF), enabling users to aggregate and correlate all of their operational information without additional PI tags to derive further insights. An offline datastore secures the stream against loss, with built-in recovery features.

In addition, Uptake Fusion reduces the number of connections between data collection systems and the SaaS-platforms operators already have in place, protecting critical underlying plant systems from cyber-threats. The consolidation of high volumes of data in Azure permits SCADA systems and historians to perform as originally intended for plant staff, securely scaling the demand for data by different internal and SaaS consumers.

Uptake Fusion also prepares data for the specific consumption requirements of different stakeholders in the enterprise Azure tenant. It provides data analysts and engineers with an open format for visualization, analytics, and orchestration, allowing them to use their preferred tools to derive data insights. Integrated with Microsoft Power BI, PowerApps, and Azure Time Series Insights, Uptake Fusion equips industrial companies with automated reporting for multiple high-value purposes.

The Uptake solution promises to expedite the deployment of advanced applications such as intelligent events, process optimization, forecasting, and AI/ML predictive analytics.