Cloudera's machine-learning PaaS with shared-data experience

March 7, 2018
Aim is to simplify multi-function big data analytics.

Cloudera, Inc. announced Cloudera Altus with SDX, a machine-learning and analytics Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) built with a shared-data catalog providing the business context of that data.

Cloudera Altus supports a variety of high-value business use cases that require applying multiple data analysis capabilities and approaches together, according to its maker. SDX makes it possible for those analytic functions to work together to combine data from different sources into a single coherent and actionable picture. Example use cases include answering complex questions about customer “next-best-offer,” IoT predictive maintenance and advanced threat-detection.

SDX enables Altus cloud services–including Data Engineering, Analytic Database (beta) and soon Data Science–to securely access data through a reliable shared data experience, according to Cloudera. There is one trusted source of metadata for all machine-learning and analytics services and users.

“Cloudera Altus with SDX enables businesses to build and manage multi-function analytics use cases in the cloud, integrating data engineering, IoT, customer and operations analytics, with machine learning,” said Vikram Makhija, general manager, Cloud Business Unit, at Cloudera. “Cloudera offers a proven solution for businesses to capitalize on the value of their data, avoiding the analytics cloud sprawl problem through the simplicity and scale of Cloudera’s modern cloud platform for machine learning and analytics.”

“Our customers get an easier, more unified, and enterprise-grade approach to deploying and managing cloud-based analytics through our partnership with Cloudera,” said Nick Halsey, chief executive officer of Zoomdata. “Together, we will continue helping customers with a shared big data analytics experience across all deployment types, including multiple public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as bare metal configurations.”

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