Oden Technologies offers free predictive-analytics solution

March 26, 2020
Aim is to increase output of essential products.

 To support manufacturers producing essential supplies for the fight against COVID-19, Oden Technologies Cofounder and CEO Willem Sunblad announced free remote deployments to help increase output of essential products. 

“We realize manufacturers are under enormous pressure right now and our team is dedicated to supporting the production of essential products to meet overwhelming demands,” said Sunblad. “Engineers and operators need better digital tools to maximize production capacity and meet demand so they can get supplies into the hands of front line workers who need them now.” 

 He continued, “The effects of this pandemic are far-reaching and hit close to home for us as New York is one of the most affected cities. It is important for us to do our part in responding to the needs of our industry by providing free remote deployment of predictive quality and performance solutions that help manufacturers of essential products increase throughput without sacrificing quality.” 

Learn more about taking advantage of this offer here.