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Product News: Canvass AI's software with interactive artificial intelligence

March 7, 2023
Promises to drive ease of use for industrial engineers.

Canvass AI has announced the release of its new software that incorporates interactive AI capabilities for industrial engineers. The new release includes a user-friendly wizard-based interface with embedded solutions and robust speed for handling and manipulating data, per its maker, which adds that the software is designed to help engineers easily identify, model and implement the right industrial AI solutions across their organization.

"At every point in the new software release we've looked at how to make it easier and faster for process engineering teams to implement and use our solution, and guide them to success much faster, whether optimizing plant production and assets or working toward their sustainability goals," said Humera Malik, CEO, Canvass AI.

"Accessibility is the new mantra that industrial manufacturers are seeking in AI software. This comprises not only ease of use for process engineers but also immediate positive impact for managers," adds ARC Advisory Group Analyst Peter Reynolds. "Canvass AI's new software is aiming at this plateau to help usher in a new paradigm in industrial production."

The new Canvass AI software delivers a three-stage, "ready, set, go" approach to accelerate AI deployments, per its maker. The three-stage approach is designed to accelerate the AI journey by helping customers prepare their data for AI training and use, quickly build AI solutions, and deploy trusted industrial AI models for real-time optimization.