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An intelligent character-recognition solution

Jun 07, 2017

Enterprise-content-management firm GRM has developed a proprietary intelligent character recognition (ICR) solution designed to help clients more efficiently transition physical and unstructured data to highly-leveragable, structured digital data.img logo 300 solo

An overwhelming percentage of most businesses’ information remains in physical and unstructured formats, posits GRM. Remaining in those formats, the data is of limited value; as it is not easily accessed, shared, combined with other information or efficiently analyzed. This new solution extracts and classifies that data; providing invaluable insights on business operations, according to GRM.

“The GRM ICR solution supercharges efficiency on two fronts,” explains CEO Avner Schneur. “One, the technology automates the previously manual process of turning unstructured data into structured data. And two, the resulting structured data is more easily shared, analyzed and acted upon.”

The GRM ICR Solution consists of three primary components. First, a Receiver Engine that recognizes, captures and converts to digital. Second, the ICR Engine that extracts data and auto-classifies it based upon previously defined parameters. And finally, the Content Management portion of the GRM platform that archives the resulting data and feeds it into the workflow automation components of the solution.

In short, the GRM technology validates data in real time; identifying errors, inconsistencies and omissions and subsequently flagging them for attention rather than feeding them into the workflow process where they would be identified later, creating delays and incremental costs, according to its maker.

“We understand, perhaps better than anyone, the challenges that organizations face—transitioning from a reliance on physical formats to a digital-centric operation,” says Schneur. “Our expertise in both physical and digital data management allows us to help them move along that path every step of the way—on a schedule and in a way that makes the most sense for their business.”