Top strategies, bottom lines and implementing digital transformation

May 18, 2017
All digital transformation opportunities are based on how they will impact the bottom line.

In September, Bill Metz will speak about digital transformation strategies and implementation challenges at the third-annual Smart Industry conference in Chicago. Today the vice

Richards Industries' Bill Metz

president of operations and engineering with Richards Industries provides a preview of his perspective. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What’s the key to identifying digital-transformation opportunities in operations? 

Bill: As a small manufacturing company, all opportunities are based, ultimately, on how they will impact the bottom line, either directly or indirectly through items such as improved customer service. If the digital solution doesn’t drive real productivity improvements in our operations then we are not interested. Better data without better action is really just another waste. 

Smart Industry: And what about implementing digital-transformation strategies? 

Bill: The goal is productivity and quality- improvement. We have gone to paperless access of work instructions, drawings, programs and routers. This saves time and money from the beginning of the process to shipment. It also ensures that we are using the most current information in all aspects impacting engineering, production, etc.

Smart Industry: Justifying investment in digital transformation can be tricky? Any tips?