H2O.ai enables Stanley Black & Decker’s manufacturing processes

June 29, 2018
Boosting machine intelligence, reducing product-development time.

H2O.ai announced that Stanley Black & Decker is using H2O Driverless AI to develop AI-enabled manufacturing processes aimed at reducing product-development time. And since deploying H2O Driverless AI, Stanley Black & Decker has begun evaluating additional AI projects across the company where Driverless AI can help deliver greater insights and cost savings to the business.

"H2O Driverless AI helps us abstract a way of carrying out the testing process without needing the actual nuts and bolts," said Dr. Robert Coop, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning manager at Stanley Black & Decker. "The platform's engineering and scoring pipeline generation are better than anything we've seen out there right now. These features alone have provided us with a true competitive edge in agile manufacturing. The H2O.ai team has developed an easy-to-use product that is a massive time saver."

Stanley Black & Decker's investment in artificial intelligence is part of its CEO Jim Loree's commitment to digital excellence, the animating force of which is the Atlanta-based Digital Accelerator (DA).

"Our Digital Accelerator focuses on artificial intelligence, robotics and emerging technology," said Robert W. Ross, who serves as the DA's vice president for digital strategy, AI and creative UX. "At Stanley Black & Decker, we are committed to converting the exponentially increasing disruption brought by digital into a sustainable competitive advantage, and H2O Driverless AI is one component of that broader strategy."

Prior to deploying Driverless AI, Stanley Black & Decker explored AI and machine-learning solutions that could supplement its existing data-science team with the support and tools needed to create high-quality, accurate models that not only scale with increasing data ingestion, but also generate important insights that can positively impact the organization's bottom line. With automatic feature engineering and pipeline generation, H2O Driverless AI was the only solution on the market to meet this criteria, according to H2O.ai. 

"Stanley Black & Decker is empowering makers and creators of the world with their amazing products,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and founder at H2O.ai. “We are excited to win their trust and to partner in their transformation with AI. With H2O's Driverless AI, it is able to automate intelligent pipelines, build trust in AI and address the looming data-science skills gap, revolutionizing supply chains in manufacturing with AI and driving both operational and commercial excellence. Data and AI is a culture of transformation and Stanley Black & Decker is building an empowering culture of innovation with purpose. H2O.ai is thrilled to be part of their beautiful journey toward the fourth industrial revolution."

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