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Product News: SICK's high-pressure gas-flow meter for natural-gas distribution

May 19, 2023
The new FLOWSIC550 is an ultrasonic meter dedicated to high-pressure applications.

SICK has launched a new ultrasonic gas meter dedicated to high-pressure applications in natural-gas distribution and midstream-measurement systems.

With the FLOWSIC550, SICK expands its portfolio and offers a suitable solution for small nominal diameters and compact installations in the high-pressure range. This is especially helpful at natural gas-distribution sites and transmission systems, per its maker, which adds that customers at town border stations and city gate stations will also find the FLOWSIC550 particularly helpful.

With the use of ultrasound technology and the absence of mechanical components, the FLOWSIC550 offers clear cost advantages over conventional turbine and rotary displacement meters, per SICK. When utilized in transfer and measuring stations, FLOWSIC550 ensures a continuous and blockage-free gas supply.

The FLOWSIC550 is a high-performance meter for operating pressures up to 1480 psi. It is a multi-path meter with integrated-flow conditioning, suitable for compact-meter stations. The FLOWSIC550 can be fully battery powered for up to five years and can be equipped with the optional volume-correction function.

SICK offers FLOWgate user software for a user-friendly and results-oriented solution for all lifecycle-management tasks of the FLOWSIC550. With its wizards for calibration, commissioning, and device diagnostics, it supports the (almost) maintenance-free operation of the gas-flow meter and can also be used to remotely monitor the meter, per SICK.

The device manager shows all registered devices and offers device grouping and a data-backup function. Thanks to the integrated database, you can access the stored data anytime—offline or online.