Idec Sa2 E Series Image

Product News: IDEC's photoelectric sensors

May 9, 2023
The SA2E miniature photoelectric sensors improve on current models with a standardized ASIC design, delivering faster responses and better detection, per their maker.

IDEC Corporation has introduced the SA2E general-purpose photoelectric (PE) sensor family in five major models, each which improves on or replaces proven SA1E products, per their maker., which adds that a new ASIC, common to the entire offering, provides a significantly improved price/performance ratio while delivering better response times and more capable detection.

SA2E PE sensors are offered in five major variations:

·       T: Through-beam for detecting objects passing between emitter/receiver pairs.

·       P: Polarized retro-reflective for detecting objects passing between the receiver and a reflector, even in difficult lighting conditions.

·       D: Diffused-reflective for detecting targets by the light reflected from the target.

·       B: Background suppression reflective for improved and reliable detection of a wide variety of targets by the light reflected by the target.

·       N: Small beam reflective for close detection of small targets.

The SA2E sensors generally improve response times to 0.5ms, compared with 1.0ms for previous generation models, for better detection of smaller and faster moving objects, claims IDEC. Sensors are switchable between “light-on” and “dark-on” operating modes, and applicable models have an on-board sensitivity or range-adjustment potentiometer. Depending on the model, sensing distances can range up to 20m for through-beam, up to 5m for retro-reflective, and between 10mm and 1000mm for other reflective models. Tighter beams and more adjustability help designers deploy the sensors in a greater variety of applications.