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Product News: PTC's cloud-native simulation in Onshape

Oct. 11, 2022

PTC announced the first cloud-native integration of CAD, PDM and simulation in a new cloud-native simulation tool, Onshape Simulation. Onshape Simulation promises to enable designers and engineers to simulate full assemblies in a cloud-native environment, reducing time and effort.

PTC touts these key benefits :

  • Accurate mechanical guidance, such as strength and rigidity, without ever leaving the design environment
  • Elimination of the need to defeature, simplify, or set up connections for models before running simulations through use of existing assembly mates in the definition of the part-to-part interactions
  • Ability to explore design variations quickly by simultaneously designing and analyzing assemblies with no pre-processing or meshing required
  • Version-controlled simulations with built-in PDM

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