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ASI and SICK optimize and automate yard operations

Jan. 24, 2023
Autonomously reversing into trailers is one of the final steps in completing fully autonomous yard operations. ASI and SICK have come together to solve this phase of autonomous yard operations.

ASI Logistics and SICK, Inc. announced the development of autonomous yard truck operations, touting that they have solved the issue of reversing into trailers autonomously. This is one of the final steps in completing fully autonomous yard operations. ASI Logistics utilized is robust Vehicle Automation Kit (VAK) and SICK’s industry-leading LiDAR to overcome this challenge.

“SICK recognizes that better autonomous vehicles are only possible with better sensor technologies," said Aaron Rothmeyer, product manager at SICK USA. "As such, SICK is continually innovating its product portfolio to take advantage of the latest tools and ideas. Our substantial experience with optical devices shows up in well-designed sensors all the way down to the component level. In addition, SICK is also heavily involved in the creation and updating of global safety standards, which is a critical step to ensuring autonomous vehicles’ continued success.”

As the truck reverses, the two LiDARs detect where the trailer’s kingpin is and relay this information to the truck’s VCU, which commands the throttle, brakes, steering, and fifth wheel to continue to reverse safely into the trailer until a secure and safe connection to the kingpin is made. Once the connection is made, sensors indicate that the truck has a secure connection and is now ready for the robotic arm to attach the necessary glad-hands and continue with the rest of the move, per the partners.