Hexagon announces Xalt to harness potential of IoT data

June 14, 2018
Fast-tracking a customer’s ability to fully leverage IoT data.

Hexagon AB announced Xalt, a new framework for accelerating digital transformation by fast-tracking a customer’s ability to fully leverage IoT data. The goal of Xalt is to create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), a state where data is connected seamlessly through the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, and intelligence is built-in to all processes from the core to the edge of a customer’s network, according to Hexagon AB.

Xalt’s framework promises to leverage disruptive technologies that address the critical IoT points of leverage: enterprise integration; cloud orchestration; data visualization; built-in mobility; intelligent edge connectivity; and artificial intelligence (AI). It is the cornerstone of Hexagon’s ACE strategy—delivering industry-specific solutions that integrate sensors, data, and software to create smart digital realities.

“Perhaps the single greatest need in business today is autonomous insight. This means much more than operational line of sight—it means being able to leverage vast amounts of data behind the scenes, where connected devices and machines interpret what’s happening and why, and then act accordingly autonomously,” said Ola Rollén, Hexagon president and CEO. “Customers need to operate based on the whole picture, not just the big picture—something not humanly possible without the aid of AI and visualization technologies.”
“The promise of the IoT era has always been the vast amounts of useful data it generates. The challenge has always been our ability to put it to use.” Rollén added. “With Xalt-powered solutions, customers will be able to transform more data into actionable information as well as introduce active knowledge into their business ecosystems through autonomous processes and communications between machines. Our vision is to ultimately underpin all of Hexagon’s solutions with Xalt, so essentially, it will come standard.”

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