April 5 Insight Graphic

INSIGHT Webinar Preview: Modernization mindsets and automation lessons from the living room

March 17, 2023
"Not all manual tasks need to be done manually."

On April 5, we connect with ADM's Kathy McCartney for the Spring INSIGHT webinar “Lessons From The Robotic Roomba—How Advances In Autonomy & A Modernization Mindset Propel Industrial Transformation.” 

Today we preview that presentation with a quick chat with the director of industrial transformation about adjusting mindsets to capitalize on modern manufacturing methods, and learning lessons from household automation. Take a look… 

Smart Industry: What can modern manufacturers actually learn from the Roomba? 

Kathy: Not all manual tasks need to be done manually. We need to look at these with different lens of opportunity. One of the worst sayings is to hear ‘That is how we have always done it.’ The Roomba is that example. 'Why do I need to vacuum, this thing can do it for me while I am not even looking and what else can be done?'

Smart Industry: What do you mean by the concept of "a modernization mindset"? Is this mindset common or lacking in most industrial enterprises? 

Kathy: We have to define modernization. Is it moving to AI/AR or is it creating the path to utilize AI and AR? The mindset is the understanding of what could be and setting the foundation to get there. I would speculate that most industrial enterprises want to get there,but know they don’t have the infrastructure to get there as fast as they need. Modernization mindset is—'What are the possibilities and what do I need to get there?'

Smart Industry: What do you mean by specificity with a transformation strategy? 

Kathy: If you have no transformation strategy, you have no plans for the future. To compete, you need forethought of what new, innovative technology would/could/should be available. What can we do differently?  Remember the Jetsons?  Why do we not have robots doing our laundry? Are we ready for that? How will we utilize the transporter (once it is built) to minimize travel time and costs? A transformation strategy is the future. Transformation strategy is asking the question, 'What’s next?'

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