Personal perspective on the ABB / B&R acquisition

April 19, 2017
Customer value is delivered by closing the loop with connected devices.

Earlier this month we shared the news of ABB’s acquisition of B&R, the largest independent provider focused on product- and software-based, open-architecture solutions for machine and factory automation worldwide. (See the release here.)

Today we chat with ABB’s Chief Digital Officer Guido Jouret to get a personal perspective on this big development. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What’s your take on this acquisition? 

Guido: The combination of ABB and B&R will result in an unmatched, comprehensive offering for customers of industrial automation, by pairing B&R’s innovative products, software and solutions for modern machine and factory automation with ABB’s world-leading offering in robotics and process automation. At the same time, ABB takes a major step in expanding its digital offering by combining its industry-leading portfolio of digital solutions (ABB Ability) with B&R’s strong application and software platforms, its large installed base, customer access and tailored automation solutions.

Smart Industry: How will customers benefit from this merger?

Guido: Real customer value is delivered by closing the loop with connected devices and delivering end-to-end digital solutions. B&R provides a strong base for exactly that. With our unique digital offering and our installed base of more than 70 million connected devices, 70,000 control systems and now more than 3 million automated machines and 27,000 factory installations around the world, we enable our combined global customer base to seize the huge opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Smart Industry: What digital-transformation trends will this partnership enable you to best capitalize on?  

Guido: ABB’s industry-leading digital offering, ABB Ability, will now capitalize on the large installed base, application and solution know-how, simulation software expertise and advanced engineering tools of B&R. Together with B&R, ABB will be the only industrial-automation provider offering customers the entire spectrum of technology and software solutions around measurement, control, actuation, robotics, digitalization and electrification.

Smart Industry: What growth opportunities from the Fourth Industrial Revolution most excite you?