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Webinar: Tips for smart reshoring and localizing your operations

Oct. 8, 2021
"The pandemic has been forcing industry leaders to rethink their global supply chains."
On October 12 we connected with Bright Machines’ Sean Murray to discuss reshoring and localization during the webinar “Bring It Back! Ways to Capitalize on Reshoring & Localization Opportunities in 2022.” 

Here find a summary of that presentation with the vice president of business development, chatting about smart methods to localize operations and the best tools to employ in that process. Take a look…

Smart Industry: What is one common way a manufacturing enterprise can take a step toward localizing operations? 

Sean: One step to localize operations is to look at emerging technologies your team has begun experimenting with assess how your technology partners can accelerate that process. 

Smart Industry: How is the pandemic prompting industry leaders to reevaluate restoring and the localization of their operations? 

Sean: The pandemic has been forcing industry leaders to rethink their global supply chains and overcome staffing issues. Labor issues were prevalent in many factories pre-pandemic; this became exacerbated during the pandemic with 100% unstaffed processes, leaving manufacturing unable to run additional shifts. 

Smart Industry: What new tools/technologies are most often applied with these initiatives? 

Sean: The manufacturers we speak to are seeking many solutions that will help accelerate their localization and reshoring efforts. Low/no code advances in intelligent automation and better use of insights/data across the production line will help manufactures move production from low to higher labor cost regions. These technologies will allow manufacturers to build more resilient production processes and supply chains over time.  

Smart Industry: What most excites you about the near future—2022 and the coming years—regarding

Sean: I’m excited about bringing production closer to home, allowing for less waste during production and more innovation. Reshoring will ultimately usher in new jobs focused on new technologies and automation in factories. 

Want more with Sean? Click here to join the webinar on demand.